domingo, 8 de junio de 2008

Living in me

You've always been there. I never really wanted to see you, but in my darkest hour your arms were the ones wrapped around me, comforting me, soothing my pain away. We've always been apart and together at the same time. I just was never brave enough to realize it.
I look at myself in your eyes and know that your soul is living in me. What could be better than running away with you? Away from fear and pain. Where could I ever feel safer than in your arms, dear soulmate of mine? But you are as distant as the sun, something I always knew, as clear as I know that the water flows.
Now that I know the truth I can't live without you, even though I'll have to try. Distant sun is just something you can never get to touch for real.

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Yo dijo...

OH SHIT. Y pensar que meses después el tiempo me daría la razón...Qué injusto saber que nunca hubiera debido estar sola, qué doloroso saber que todas las veces que me sentía abandonada aun cuando había gente a mi alrededor debería haber encontrado calor y compañía en tu abrazo.