lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Hair on the pillow

I have been in love. I have been loved back. I've been dumped, broken hearted, betrayed by the closest of friends, or even by myself. I've sabotaged my own good moments, lost things and people dear to me, broken arms, spent nights crying. I have climbed trees and mountains, smelled the pine trees, eaten raw seeds. I have befriended girls and boys alike, done exams, passed some, failed others. I have learned what it is to miss someone having them next to me. But beyond all that misery and joy, I have not faltered. I have found I'm in love with life in all its raw, unadultered nature. In that, I have found my own true strength.

And I aknowledge it, I will suffer. Unrequitted love, loss, maybe hunger and pain, who knows? But every single moment I live I know I have a purpose, I know which, and I have it engraved on my skin. For us is the world, for us I take it. Mornings in a haze of sleepy arrangements, water down my throat, scent of old paper and old stories, mint fresh in my healing hands. When things go down, I shall put my hands up, scream and enjoy the rollercoaster. With tunnel vision and a strange, new focus.