miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2008

Nimm mich mit.

It was only for some seconds. Brownish green eyes looked into identical ones for a brief moment, but was enough to make hell break loose. A deafening silence fell between them, knowing that this was it, all the secrets had been uncovered. Tears fell over her face, smudging her make up, but she couldn't care less. A gasp forced its way through his throat and past his lips, as he realized that she knew. Years seemed to pass by, though it had only been some seconds.

Testing once again their bond, wanting to talk without breaking the now sacred silence, he made her listen, her and only her out of all the people in the room, who had gone mute with the heavy atmosphere.

"You knew I'd die for you"

People, specially the blue eyed girl standing near them, watched their silent exchange, wondering what they could hear in their minds.

"You've already died for me" She answered, tears falling once again from her eyes. "Now what?"

"Now...I have to find you."

"And when you find me?"

"What would you want?"

The blue eyed girl went out of the room, taking with her all the ones that still were trying to guess what they said in that silent conversation. No one should ever come between soulmates, specially not when they've already lost each other twice.

When the room was empty, she decided to break the silence with the only words that she could bring herself to say:

"Nimm mich mit"