martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

The secret (should never be out)

Hush, it's a secret. 

Keep quiet so they don't hear. No one should know how we are one. How we keep joined through countries, oceans, space, the universe, the stars above. No one should hear your whispered words at night, the promise, the lies, deceit and truth twisted in a tangled mess no one can unweave.

Hush, it's a secret, it's our secret.

Keep telling others they matter so they don't see. No one should realize just how much I need you, how little we need them. It's just our cover, our hide out. They can't -should never- see you, ghost pale, scared, stuck to me, making one of us, because I, you, one.

Hush, it's our secret, it's our lie. 

Keep walking behind so they won't touch. No one should ever know the feel of your skin. Rough, soft, blond and safe and warm and cold, bitter, salty, dangerous. I say I don't, but your hands know me. It's all our treachery to the world. Keeps the sky from breaking.

Hush, hush. Our secret is safe, as long as you're gone and I'm away.