lunes, 23 de junio de 2008

Historia (10) (Run)

Two bodies on a bed. Two souls entwined maybe for the last time. In his sleep, he brings her closer to him, subconsciously feeling the pain of the imminent departure. She wakes up, startled by the move, and looks at him, pure love shinning in her eyes. She blinks away a tear, as she slowly comes out of her still sleepy state to remember she might never see that face again.

Memories rush into her mind. It's been only two days, but still it's been so intense. The image of them both singing the perfect love song in a karaoke, the later memory of him holding her strongly while whispering in her ear "it's our song" when the sound of the theme they sang reaches their ears from somewhere nearby. The day spent on the beach, cuddling and kissing in the water under the unforgiving sun. The way they both moaned each others names, and the cuddles in the afterglow, his clingy way of being, or the warning they muttered to each other, not to fall in love, though they both knew it was useless.

He stirs and flutters his eyes open.

"Hush, darling". She's crying silently, without noticing herself, being so wrapped up in the bittersweet memories. "I'll be back"

"I know. I just... You'll be back, but then you'll go again and you will be gone for real."

"Told you not to fall in love". It sounded really ironic because he himself was trying to hold back tears.

"You know, you can keep this stuffed bear, you'll remember me, see, it's cute and soft, just like me". She hands him a teddy bear, and gives him a sad smile. He pulls her into a tight embrace while whispering in her ear words of thank you and comfort.

"I will remember you anyway".

Then he dressed himself, she took one last picture of him, and both headed to the door of her apartment. A last and desperate kiss was shared

"I'll be back", he says, trying to sound reassuring.

"Yeah, see you soon".

Eventually the door was closed, and their ways were separated again.

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