martes, 19 de febrero de 2008

Historia (8) (Komm zuruck, bitte)

There was no way he could make her back. She was dead, that's all he knew so far. Dead, lying over his arms, her eyes narrowly opened, her small-yet-full lips half opened, mouthing one last word. The name she could never call again.

- Hey!!! Komm zuruck... sie stirbt für dich, weisst du? WEISST DU!?!?!?

The one he shouted at wasn't there anymore. How was she supposed to come back? She'd gone for him. There was no way he could make her back. He was not the one she was craving for.

- She loved you. You should try and recall the moment you met her.
- Yet she loved your sibling much more. She's not coming back, anyway. Not without him.
- What makes you think he could save her? It was a heart attack here, not some kinda suicide or whatever.
- I..just know. He hadn't left, she would be alive. I loved her too bad. The only thing I ever wanted was to see her happy, I never minded she didn't return the feelings. Why is it over this way?
- Just...wait. I'll be back with him.

She was gone, too. No one surrounded the devastated red haired guy who held the lifeless body of his deeploved friend. He kissed the still warm skin of her lips. All of a sudden, a deep desperate breathe. The blonde he was holding opened her eyes and lungs at the same time, coming back. Her heart was pounding hard against her chest, while she recovered from what seemed to be death.

- Were you...?
- I was.
- I thought it was someone else.- she said, not knowing how much that hurted.
- I know. You will love him forever, no matter how much he hurts you, rejects you or how far away he is.
- He...came for me?
- Not him. Guess he's never going to be back.

The girl set herself free from his embrace. She had heard some steps towards her. Standing up, she looked at the place where the sounds came from, seeing her lover, who only after she was back had the courage to walk into the room.

- Fuck off.- she said, lowering her voice to almost a whisper.
- Baby... I...
- I said fuck the hell off!!- this time it wasn't a mumble anymore.- How do you dare?
- Because, Ich li..- he trailed off, as she cut him.
- Ich liebe dich nicht.