martes, 1 de enero de 2013

What you are.

That which we fight for defines who we are. Strip me bare of all the material things, of all comodities I have. Leave me naked and fighting to survive, and the question is sure to arise: 'what do I fight for?'. Doubts and fears aside, little there is in life that I would die for, but there's enough that it makes life worth living.

My family first, family meaning all those close to me that I can't and won't live without, those whose smile light up my days, those whose embrace fends off the dark of my darkest hour.

Then, art. I live off of artistic stimulation. Love, made true through notes, letters, ink, sand and whatever that will make my mind go numb with unadultered beauty. Fragile, aggressive, untouchable. Man-made or nature, for nature is the greatest artist.

So all in all, there is a conclusion to be reached. Love, in all its forms and shapes, is what I live for, what I would fight for, what I am.

What are you?

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