lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Lips like morphine

It was when I saw you that I knew what love at first sight was. Your eyes, green and dazzling. Your lips, plump and tantalizing. Shy and tempting, looking down like you'd never seen someone staring at you so hard.

I want an angel like you. One kiss from you, to leave me... gah- ah- ah... gasping. Waiting for a bus, standing right beside me, shivering like the morning was cold, when it was all my eyes staring holes into your mind. You know I knew, you know I saw right through you and could make out the wings on your back.

I want a feeling like you made me have. Wet dreams and a scream at night. To be with you, for the rest of the eternity that second felt like. Liquid blue, the drug you are.

You be my girl with lips like morphine. Knock me out.

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