jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

After midnight

It's true what they say about the loneliest time of the day being after midnight. When everyone's asleep, the sounds of cars passing by get less frequent, and I can hear a dog howling outside. Then I'm there, again, on the bed, left alone with my memories and a shot of whiskey. Seconds pass me by, the headlights of the garbage truck and the phone mocking me, silent.

It's an hour later, I'm a little drunk, and I guess, I guess I need you now. I can't fight it anymore, I can't just lie here and see how we have to say goodbye. But there's nothing I can do, nothing I haven't already done, and I just don't know how to go on. Not when your smile's so far away, not when you're in my mind all the time. And I know, I know I said I would move on, I know I said I'd just forget about it, live my life like you wanted me to, but it's a quarter after one, the bed's empty and I need you now.

Need you with me, need the memories we never made, play with you in the playground, let the winter drops cool our crazy minds, anything, I just need you now. And it's all the time, the pain, the hole in me, but it's now, after midnight, when I miss you most, when trying to keep the feelings at bay is as useless as trying to hide the sun with my thumb. Guess it was never meant to be, this empty house. Guess my half soul's never been enough. Need you, need the other half like a fish needs the sea.

I think of all we could've been, all the things we could've done, the miracle in itself that you existed would've been enough to make a new sun shine. It's never enough, never ever things like they should, cause it's after midnight and you're still gone. You've been gone all along.

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