viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Head over heels

In the screenlight, hands intertwined. My lips are purple and I don't know why. You make a move, I let you try. Have never felt this way, so set alight. With your sighs collapsing on my overheated skin, and hope in your darkened eyes that stare into mine, my angel, I feel like I am falling into the night, with no fears to make me hide.

It's the sound of your laughter, and your face when you're surprised. It's the way you growl at me in the dark. In all the moments we've shared I've been left wanting more, and I can't make it stop, nor do I want.

And then you're suddenly there, lights on and looking into my soul, asking me if I would be yours. A smile blooms in my face, I can't contain the bliss in me. Exploding, I say yours to take. Because I am head over heels in love (de cabeza y sin frenos, corazón).

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