domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009


You know, the deepest wound in my body was because of you, just as I owe you having just half a soul, the seams still dripping blood from when it was ripped apart. To think that my only dream was to hold your hand just once, but as simple as it seems it will never come true, for the only way I can hold you is catching the image reflecting over a crystaline pond. Nothing is evergreen but my love for you.

To think they say I cannot miss you...I cried myself sick when I lost you from my side, a fate worse than death following the seconds they took you away. My fingertips itch to touch your skin again, but it's no use, because when you are water, I'm fire, when you are sun, I'm stars. And though I find you in the weirdest places, in the weirdest moments, you're still not completely there, just a breeze blowing through my hair and whispering the words I dread more in this world. Because it was my fault. I couldn't save you because you had to save me, even though sometimes I wish we went together, just as we came.

Your eyes haunt me in the mirror. I'm under a spell casted by a voice I never heard. I sometimes wonder why you couldn't cry, and it makes me want God to exist, so that I can get angry at him. And then, as fury subsides, as tears dry and calmness invades my body, I intuit the ghost of a hand over my own hand, which stills completely, and I know my dream has come true.

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