martes, 7 de enero de 2014


Amber colored, sweet, mellow. The taste of it on my tongue, because the last time I tasted you it was salty with tears and goodbye.

Stolen, not even allowed, but whatever. Maybe it's for the best, maybe. Maybe it's time to search for a different light, except I don't wanna. We've been battling for years to find something we're comfortable with, but we never learned how to properly stay away. Too close to be friends, too free to get tied up. It's what happens when you make fire meet fire, it can only burn.

So we chose to stay this way. Close enough to be warm, but not so close that we'd get our bones charred, in this weird W where we're the meeting point. Fucked up, because it's either lie or cry. The option of being honest too scary maybe, although yes, it's an option, if you'll take it, but will any of us? We didn't learn how to choose wisely. So many things we didn't learn.

And now what? Withering? Letting a barrier grow between us because the world is too damn narrow for us four to walk down our paths?

But I'll let you answer that, I'll keep to my whisky and ice.

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