miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013


I think he loves me more than you do. No matter what I do, in his eyes I'm sacred, I'm beautiful, I'm intelligent and a shinning star. I think he wants to be my significant other, and stay by my side, be the father of my babies and all that stuff. I think he would fight for me, I think he admires me, he cherishes me, he loves me because I am who I am.

I think that it sucks a lot, because I love you more than I love him. I think you are smart, and funny and complicated, and I think that you're sometimes a stranger, but I admire you, I cherish you, I love you because you are who you are.

I think I love him too, and despite the things that separate us, I would kiss him if I could, but he's in love with someone else, and yet I think he loves me more than you do.

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