jueves, 14 de enero de 2010


Purr, purr, purr, and as you purr, I burn, as you purr I turn. Turn where? turn around, so I can see your bending spine. Spine? Spinal chord, tingling with electric jolts of white hot pleasure that make you purr and trash and turn in return. Your answer, enticing. My caress, lingering. To the end of your tail from the crown of your head my fingers map your back, my whiskers brush your fur. 'Tis hypnotizing, the way you shake in waves, waves that remind me the sea I watched with her as I tried to figure out how our lips fit together that weird night of December.

Who? And in return I ask 'why?', and it seems a neverending quest to find nothing. Who, of course it's you, of course it's her, of course it's her. Different answers to a same question, all valid, all true. The soulmate, the lover and the friend, each in their own world, each in their own place. The lion, the wolf and the wild cat, all purr and make me burn in return. All earn the stern look from the nonexistant above.

But today it is you, my angel, my ghost, my lion without so much as a mane yet. Today it is you, so far out of reach, yet so close, so in me, so in every cell o'mine. Today, always, forever.

Zusammen bis in den Tod, du und ich, wir. Wir wird immer zusammen bleiben, weil du bist ich und ich bin du.

4 comentarios:

Danny dijo...

Naughty bitch...Yeah, but I get it anyway. It's too bad, having them far outta reach. You'll have to make do with what you have.

Neway, that brain shit was neat. Took the stuff home? I did.

Yo dijo...

You don't even know. One dead, the other out in the other fucking side of the world, what's wrong with me? do I push them all away or what?

Oh, and hell, yes, it was great, and yes, i did take it. 'Tis about time I had stuff to cut organs to pieces with.

Dead one dijo...

¿Vendrás finalmente a por la caja del perro o puedo deshacerme de ella?

Yo dijo...

@dead one- Sep. Algun dia que pueda, ahora estoy a punto de meterme con examenes, y practicas y bla bla bla.

Tengo tu telefono, asi que...ya te llamare cuando pueda ir.

@Danny- Daniela, you evil woman, you gotta pass me the notes for learning psychology, that teacher hid them well, I don't have a clue where she put them in alF. The sooner the better, think we can meet up tom? I'll go knocking on your door anyway, and can you PLEASE go online? I know you're stealing the same net I am, so I know you can go online.