sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

Promise we'll fight

I woke up with your hand on my knee in deep red. I smiled when you smiled, because I just know you did. I know what you thought, I thought it too; you always know how to get engraved on my skin. In my skin.

Then the dreamland attacked me again with a thousand-bricks wall and a stolen kiss. A crown on my head and you by my right side, and I was pronounced queen of the lovely mirrors. All was good, all was nice, you by my side, and an army of cloned angels.

But then they came. They want us, they envy us. They will fight us to steal what we have, even though it's something that you can't even touch. They promise a salvation that is damnation to us. They promise a heaven full of shadows and boogie men hiding in every corner.

Promise we won't let them. With you, my universe is complete. Tá tú m'anamchara. If this is my only chance, then I cherish it with all my might. Call the angels, tell them to spread their wings. We won't let them break us.

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