miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

A beautiful lie

A lie. This world's full of them. Deceitful words, deceitful stares and open hands -over the mouth. Living a lie since the only truth is buried deep under the wet earth of the beautiful northern lands.

Dressed in green like the greed that surrounds me. My body just a reminder of what will never be. Like a shape under the pressure of the sun, I shrink. Silver on my skin and gold in my eyes, like a wolf, I sneak around, surrounding my prey. Studying it. Seizing it. My teeth no longer white with the blood of my latest hunting trip.

I'm just a starved soul ready to claim love only for his company tonight. If he can silence my thoughts until the next sun, I'll love him forever...but don't miss the wink. No one said I'd be by his side while I loved him.

Stay, he begs, his voice barely a ghost of the powerful growl of the male who feels -knows- himself to be alpha. He's barely a ghost of himself now. All my fault, but who cares?

I just wink, laugh and say I will stay...somewhere. Where? Who knows. I've been nowhere since I was born. Or more like no one. But no one can be nowhere, right? But ok, don't cry, I'll be safe, in the arms of another mate, of another crowd. As long as the throbbing bits of my soul are calmed by the ice of the warmest stare, I'll be fine.

I'll keep going, I'll keep living. As long as I'm still beautiful, I'll be just a beautiful lie.