miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Dots and german singers

Things have changed the past few days. He did wrong, I reacted. For better or worse, things weren't smooth between us, and so it's over. Es ist vorbei. Se acabó. And for one reason or another, I'm not happy...nor sad. Just me, singing loud and clear "Vorbei" from Christina Stürmer until my throat is raw and going to the movies with my *hawt* neighbour. Just enjoying my new freedom and the new sense to my empty bed.

On a different note, I was the other day stretching on the floor of my room and I couldn't help but notice the amount of beauty marks dotted all over my body. That made me think of the genetics of that, and the chances that you had the same on your body. Would you have the one I've got on the right down corner of my lip? Or the one on the right side of my chest? Or the big one on my left shin? Just curious.

Off to bed now, singing vorbei and ready to face a new day alone, in the biggest sense of the word, when I'm missing my soulmate.

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