domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

Yet we're still the same

A soft beat. The voice resonating in my brain. My soul floating in the numbness of your absence. I feel what you call serenity; I call it hollowness. Don't, oh, don't hope I'll be there.

I'm standing steadily looking at the puddles of waves drenching the floor. You said you'd sooth my pain. But wait, oh, wait, till I close my eyes. Don't let them burn.

A needle piercing the old beating form. Will you drown into my core? I thought you would be there. I believed, you betrayed. Never, oh, never getting nething in return.

Step, step, step. You make me sway. Take me to your scar. Let me make it bleed for me. To see you're still alive. I got nothing to claim. Don't, oh, don't let me leave.

You're not soothing my pain, you won't kiss my fears away. Sea waves wave me in my wake. Sway me, you're making me faint. Seek me in the night. Set me on fire. Never wait for your turn. Swallow my creaking breath, fall before the grace of the face. Never less than three me, you know what I mean. Don't, oh, don't beg. You know we're both the ones to take the blame. I let you leave, you let me stay. And still I'm tied to you, the old silvery tethers never broke, never strained. Slash me open, I won't bleed your flames.

A slow beat. An easing voice in the night. The sudden silence. Smell of your skin on my bed. Your eyes on fire, your mouth stutters again, you can't believe I could forgive you. You would never believe I'd get rid

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