sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

Tell me why

When the whole world turns against me. When it's not alone, but lonely. When this room I'm in starts moving its walls towards me, closing in on me, threatening to choke me and spill my guts over the window. When there is no love without disappointment, no truth in your deceitful words.

No sympathy, no reality that I can face, just the world, bare and raw, biting cold and dangerous. Smothered by the monsters beyond, hidden in a wardrobe I don't need, I don't want, I can't share.

When all I feel is the wet embrace of realization, when the black stains on my sketchpad are not ink anymore, when a kiss is too cold, when a hug is so longed it's no longer there, when at the end of the day the phone is silent and it hasn't rained, but it's all drenched, you may ask yourself,

Where did I go wrong?

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