miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009


An empty road before me. In my place to the left, I take control of it all, I make the decisions. Still, I look to my right to find the courage to do so. It's your eyes I search for in the side mirror, but I'm met with a blank space...with my own eyes.

It's dark and cold in this road tonight, no light, no right choice. I hear their voices, hear their questions. Why? Why? Believe me when I say you don't want to know, in blissful ignorance you shall live, oblivious to the pain that tears me open every night, to the ghost that circles my body every breath I take.

The cool air condensates around me, on the glass that protects me and keeps me from the world. Secluded in your cage, yet I've never been so delightfully trapped, so in bliss, burning in your flame that tames me, sores opening in my wrists from the blistering iron of your fingertips, your fingernails.

It strikes me with your beauty, only seen by me, belonging to me. Curling around me like the coiled snake, the sin we both adore; cold, yet hot; trapped, yet free; yours...yours.

Om du kunne se alt jeg kan se
I ensom majestet
Jeg lever i en synd
Svever i en løgn
Uten deg har jeg ingenting

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